Doctorate (Honoris Causa) awarded to Mr. Malayaj Garga

Mr. Malayaj Garga, the author of the book ‘The Holy Gita – The Discourse Nonpareil’, has been awarded a D.Litt. (h.c.) by Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA) in Bangalore, India. This book which represents his unique and outstanding commentary on the Bhagwada Gita was chosen for this honor in 2016.
Dr. Malayaj Garga – Author of ‘The Holy Gita – The Discourse Nonpareil’

Jnana-Yoga (Poetry)

The body is ephemeral…..

Subject to time and space…..

Born, changeful, mortal…..

Tangible…..essentially unreal…..

O Wise One know thou art not that.


The Jiva-Atman is eternal…..

Beyond time and space…..

Unborn, changeless, immortal…..

Ethereal…..verily Real…..

O Wise One know thou art indeed That.

The Context of The Holy Gita


The picture on the left represents Chapter II – Verse 7. The picture on the right represents Chapter XVIII – Verse 73. The Discourse Nonpareil is Arjuna’s journey from a state of ‘confusion/dejection’ to a state of ‘enlightenment’.

This is the journey that all “Arjuna-alikes” need to make…