Comments received on the book – ‘The Holy Gita – The Discourse Nonpareil’

1. Appreciation by Governor of Karnataka and Kerela – Mr. T.N. Chaturvedi
… Malayaj Garga has enriched and made a distinctive contribution to the vast and ex anding universe of Gita literature, and for this labour of love, he certainly merits our appreciation. This valuable treatise, beautifully printed and published, will be a worthwhile addition to any library. It is of great use to students of comparative religion, philosophy and humanities besides general readers. Malayaj Garga’s The Holy Gita The Discourse Non Pareil, should find place in universities and institutions of higher learning. The Government of India, especiallv the External Affairs Ministry, presents books to visiting dignitaries and to universities. Here possibly is an unparelled gift which embod es India’s ancient wisdom that symbolises its tradition of harmony and is a worthy guide to modern man in everyday life.
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Former Governor of Karnataka & Kerala
Former Member of Parliament (R.S.)
Former Comptroller & Auditor General of India

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2. ….The author has most painstakingly penned down a commentary on the eternal knowledge of the Gita as per his own interpretation of this vast subject. I hope his work will prove to be a scholarly piece of literature and earn wide acclaim from the critic community and the common reader alike – on the national & international levels.
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Swami Satyamitranand Giri (Former Jagatguru Shankracharya)
Bharatmata Mandir, Haridwar

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3. Appreciation by Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati Ji – The Holy Gita – The Discourse Nonpareil by Malayaj Garga
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4. ….Right from the “Gita-Bhasya “of the great Shankaracarya (8th Century A.D.) upto the most recent “Yathartha-Gita” of Swami Adgadananda (end of 20th Century and beginning of the 21st century) there are more than hundred commentaries, some of them from the pen of great Acaryas. And now (2013) comes the work entitled “The Holy Gita : The Discourse Nonpareil” by Malayaj Garga, a talented person whose writing seems not only intelligent and rational but also inspired…. (Read More)

Kamalakar Mishra
(Retired) Professor & Head, Dept. Of Philosophy & Religion,
Banaras Hindu University,

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5. ….The effort and labour that Shri Garga has taken to pen down his scholarly interpretation of this Great Gospel is bound to create interest in a way that has probably not been witnessed in other commentaries on Gita. The fact that this book has the advantage to provide simultaneously the translation of the Samskrit verses in Hindi and English is also going to enable a large section of our young readers to understand ‘Geeta’ who till date had not the advantage to find both languages in a single book and, therefore, could not understrand it…..Another very laudable contribution of Shri Garga is to give this Divine Book a new interpretation, hitherto unknown and unexplained.
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Mr. Justice Giridhar Malaviya (Retd.)
High Court, Allahabad

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6. ….It is very heartening that you have attempted to analyse Bhagavad Geetha to suit the present-day needs. We are astonished that an Engineering graduate is trying to discipline the tenets of God’s Sermon at a time when young minds are running away from our scriptures and knowledge treasures.
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Jagadguru Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamigalu
Jagadguru Sri Veerasimhasana Math, Suttur Srikshethra, Mysore

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7. The President of Sahitya Akademi (Mr. Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari), New Delhi, on the Book – ‘The Holy Gita – The Discourse Nonpareil’

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8. ….I convey my best wishes for the successful publication of the book to help aspirants attain the wealth of spiritual knowledge.

Sri Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya Mahasamstanam
Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetham, Sringeri

9. ….We congratulate you for your exceptional work and we are sure readers will benefit, enjoy and treasure your creation.

Ravindra Kalia
Director, Bharatiya Jnanpith, New Delhi

10. Appreciation of Endowment Lecture by Mr. Malayaj Garga, at Eighteenth Annual Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara – Tukaram Endowment Lecture Series” held on 25th Nov 2013 at World Peace Center (Alandi) at MIT, Pune
Organized by Unesco Chair Holder and President – Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad
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11. Appreciation by Dr. Alim Vakil
…Mr. Malayaj Garga’s commentary in and out remains faithful to the text of the Holy Gita. His is an independent interpretation. He is at his best when he distinguishes between the religious phase during the Vedic period and the Vedantic period. Other commentaries bating that of Dharmadhikari ‘s, on this score, appear dodgy as against Gargs-which is bold, sharp and well-focused. The traditional Vedic’ concept of “Karma” is drastically changed in the Holy Gita. The yama, niyama and others were the virtues in the Vedic period, however, the Holy Gita raised the killing of ‘adharmic ‘ to the spiritual height. With the help of the science of Karma Yoga, Karma can be shaped as dharma.
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Dr. Alim Vakil
Retired Professor of Political Science
Member, Maharashtra State Urdu Sahitya Academy, Mumbai

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12. Admiration and Review from Prof. Dr. M. Shankar VALIATHAN (Padma Vibhushan)

Dear Shri Garga
Your book “The Holy Gita – The discourse nonpareil” came as a total surprise. I had expected to receive a book of essays on the Gita by a technologist in pursuit of a spiritual goal. What greeted me was a massive and authoritative text with the original text of verses in devanagari, meaning of Sanskrit words according to prose order, and commentary. The work could not have been written without erudition, prolonged effort, dedication and above all, the blessings of the Lord. By writing this book you have accomplished what Lord Krishna sought from his devotees (Chapter XVIII: verses 68, 69). I have no words to thank you for this precious gift.
I have been a regular reader of the Gita for fifty years and plan to read ten verses in your book daily. I should complete the first round in 70 days, when I hope to write to you on my appreciation of your labour of devotion.
With thankful admiration.
Yours sincerely.
Attached below are brief notes made by Prof. Dr. M Shankar VALIATHAN (Padma Vibhushan) on my book – The Holy Gita – The Discourse Nonpareil.

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