Bhagavad Gita

Book Title: The Holy Gita – The Discourse Nonpareil

Author: Dr. Malayaj Garga

The Holy Gita was revealed by The Blessed Lord on the battle-field with a view to coaxing Arjuna to ‘rise’ in the cause of his righteous duty… the cause of the ‘larger common good (sarva-bhuta-hite-ratah)’ (while expressly eschewing ‘narrow and parochial considerations’); verily, it does not seek to promote war…..the war situation is absolutely incidental; verily, it dwells on ‘the art and science of right-thinking and right-living’…..and if this ‘art and science’ can be lived/practiced in the midst of an extreme situation (like a war) it can verily be applied to every situation in life… day-to-day living…..making for a harmonious and melodious ‘life spiritual’…..INDEED! THE CRUX LIES IN THE LORD’S WORDS IN VERSE IV (42) yogam-atishtha-uttishtha (ARISE ‘DULY ENSCONCED IN YOGA’).

The Holy Gita belongs to the whole of humanity. It is a logical and scientific exposition of ‘The Truth’. It is like a ‘beacon’ just as are other scriptures. In my reckoning it has the potential of helping millions of confused/despondent Arjuna-alikes to find ‘solace’, ‘determination’ and ‘direction’. Above all it helps one ‘realize’ that he is but amritasya putrah (an immortal child of The Immortal, Infinite Lord – The Sole Truth – The Changeless Substratum – The One without a second – Nirguna Nirakaara Satchidananda Brahman).

As long as discerning humans seek answers to questions related to ‘God, Nature, the infinite universe (including its creation and dissolution), life, death, birth, rebirth, destiny, right, wrong, contentment, discontentment, meaning and purpose of life…..’ such treatises shall be demanded, read and treasured.